OilTrax Canada TOPO Edition

What is OilTrax TOPO?

OilTrax is known as the "standard" in-cab navigation system for companies operating in the Canadian oil patch and is the only software of its kind to be licensed by Garmin International. OilTrax will work in any Garmin GPS that accepts SD/Micro SD cards. OilTrax is custom mapping software for the oilfields created to increase efficiency and make navigating easier. Once the software is added to your Garmin GPS device you can search and route by LSD (Legal Sub Division) and more. Not only does this make finding those tricky lease roads easier it will help you to better manage your time on the road.

OilTrax TOPO provides the same features and functionality as OilTrax but also contains a significant amount of additional map data for those of you that venture off-road for work or play.

Who Is OilTrax TOPO designed for?

Like our standard OilTrax product, OilTrax TOPO is for anyone who wants to improve their efficiency at work whether they are on OR off-road. Whether you work in the oilfields or just want more detailed and accurate maps - OilTrax TOPO may be for you.

Key Product features:

Standard OilTrax data and functionality which includes:

Search by LSD or company name and route to location with turn by turn directions.
Custom road network
And more!


3D data – note: device must be capable of displaying 3D images
Trail Data
Contour Lines
Forest and wooded areas
And more!

Note:  The coverage region for the TOPO data contained in this product matches the current region of the standard OilTrax Canada product (Eastern British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Western Manitoba).
OilTrax maps come on a Micro SD card which is compatible with almost all Garmin GPS units (device must have SD expansion slot). Once the card has been installed into your GPS unit you will be able to search for locations by LSD (ie: 2-29-32-1w5) and more. After that it’s just a matter of following the directions to your destinations.

To view a full copy of the license agreement for OilTrax software please Click Here