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OilTrax Canada iPhone Features Guide:

 main image  

 Main Program Interface:

From the main Screen, Users can choose to either:

Find: Search for desired information.

Browse Map: Go directly to the Browse Map Interface

 Find Image  

 Find Screen:

From this screen, users search for Recently Found Places, LSD Locations (Legal Land Locations), Addresses (street), OilTrax POI (Oil and Gas Wells and Facilities), POI (General land points of interest including rivers, lakes, etc), Favorites (User saved Data), Coordinates (Lat / Lon, UTM), NTS Grid (Petroleum and Natural Gas grid for Northern British Columbia).

 browse map screen  

 Browse Map Mode:

From this screen users can interact with the map in a variety of ways including interacting with map features.  The OilTrax iPhone application supports multi-touch (pinch for zoom in, etc) and also includes zoom tools on this screen.  Users can return the main menu or access additional menus from the top navigation bar.

 follow me image  

 Follow Me Mode:

When a user simply wants to jump in the vehicle and have the map follow him around.  This mode will move the map along with the user and display speed, current time, and position at the bottom of the screen.

Coming Update:

In the next version of OilTrax, the follow me mode will be the default mode when a user clicks "browse map" from the main menu.

 navigation mode  

 Navigating Mode:

When a users enters a route, the program will start in Follow Me mode until the iPhone detects a change in position (IE: you are moving).  When movement is detected, the program automatically changes to "Navigating" mode which will give users turn-by-turn directions, voice, and follow both the position and the direction of the user on the map.  Current speed, distance to destination, next turn instructions, time to next turn, and time to destination are displayed on the map.

 lsd search  

 LSD Search Screen:

Search LSD locations by tapping on the appropriate box and selecting from the scroll-wheel.  Search results will be populated.

 nts search  

 NTS Search Screen:

 Search for NTS locations (otherwise known as PNG Grid or "BC locations").



OilTrax iPhone enables uses to easily filter their map POI's and gives them the ability to display or hide POI categories on demand.  Map overlay categories include: Highway Cameras, Locator, Drilling Activity, Weather, Favorites, Recent LSD Lookups, Recent NTS Lookups, Unknown, Well Sites, Other Facilities, Batteries, Water Source, Towers, Ski Hills, Utilities, Marinas, Summits, Wells, Wrecks, Landmarks, Arenas/Venues, Buildings, Museums, Oilfields, Parks, Cemeteries, Picnic Areas, Campgrounds, Restricted Areas, Mine, Airport, Golf Course, Theme Park, Casinos


 Preferences - User Settings

Users can assign user and company information to share locations with "friends" and colleagues.

 Preferences - Audio

Adjust volume levels and enable / disable voice guidance.

 Preferences - Map

Adjust map startup position as well as enable multi-touch map manipulation.


 Preferences - Units

Adjust display Units

 Preferences - Locator

Enable or disable sharing of position information with users with the same "company" setting.

 Preferences - Data Access

Some OilTrax iPhone features use data services to enhance experience.  Users can choose to turn off data services which makes some features slightly slower.  (Offboard services use minimal data and all maps reside onboard IE no map data streaming).