OilTrax USA Update Page

Note: To purchase the OilTrax U.S.A. subscription service customers must have already purchased the OilTrax U.S.A. software.

SiteFinder GPS works diligently to gather data from various sources to ensure that we keep the OilTrax U.S.A. software as complete and as up to date as possible. We are continually searching for additional sources that can add even more value to OilTrax.

Access to these updates are made available to licensed users based on an annual subscription service. Customers can sign up and purchase an annual subscription for $59.95. To see how valuable and easy the update process is we are making your first update available to you at no charge. Simply follow the steps below to download the U.S.A. software updater and follow the on-screen prompts. Once the updater is installed you will receive unlimited updates for a 3 month period prior to being required to purchase the annual subscription service.

Click Here To Purchase OilTrax USA Map Update Subscription

Please Click Here to download the OilTrax USA Updater Application.

The Updater is currently supported on Windows Operating Systems.

To install the updater:

either "Run" the file directly from your web browser (Internet Explorer)

or "Save" the file and double-click on the file.

The Updater Program Requires a Valid OilTrax Serial Number

Watch The Support Video