FarmTrax TOPO Canada for Garmin


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What Is FarmTrax TOPO?

FarmTrax Topo is custom mapping software that was specifically designed for anyone that needs to navigate to a ¼ section land location in Western Canada. With the software added to your Garmin GPS you can search for a Legal Land Descriptions/Quarter Sections and you will be routed with turn by turn directions using our detailed rural road network. Not only does FarmTrax Topo make finding land locations easier; it also includes1/4 section boundaries, land contours, Wildlife Management Units, tree cover, and much more.  

Who Is FarmTrax TOPO For?

FarmTrax Topo is for anyone who lives or works in Western Canada and wants to be able to search and be routed to land locations. It is also for anyone that wants to be able to view land locations and detailed road networks along with 3D* topographic maps and all the additional features that are included with FarmTrax Topo. Everyone from farmers, insurance agents, emergency services and outdoor enthusiasts use FarmTrax Topo.

How Does FarmTrax TOPO Work?

FarmTrax Topo comes on a SD/Micro SD card and is licensed by Garmin International which means it is compatible with any Garmin GPS device that will accept SD/Micro SD cards. Simply insert the card into your GPS unit you will be able to search for locations by ¼ section (i.e: NE-3-37-4-6w3). After this it’s just a matter of following the directions to your destination. With FarmTrax Topo you are also able to add several different locations to a route in order to find the quickest possible way from one point to another.

Product Support

FarmTrax Topo is supported by SiteFinder GPS. While the product is extremely easy to use, our support technicians are available to provide assistance via telephone and email as required.

FarmTrax Features:
Detailed Roads
¼ Section Grid w/Boundaries
Wildlife Management Unit
Forest and Wooded areas
Power Line Data
Cut Lines
*3D Terrain
Elevation Contours
Additional Map POI’s and Features
*Note: 3D features are only available on 3D capable hardware

To view a full copy of the license agreement for FarmTrax software please Click Here